Appellation d’origine controlée for only a few years, the renewal of the Marcillac will reward the efforts of the people who work for the estate. Innovation has been added to this millennial tradition. Raised agriculture, hand-picked grapes, stainless steel cellars and last generation air-conditioned fibers, thermoregulation, all surrounded by the greatest care of our oenologist, who skillfully and passionately solved the rusticity-refinement equation.

In the 11th century, the monks of Conques cleared to plant northern chestnut groves and south of the vines. Le Mansois will be and will remain the ideal grape adapted to the micro climate of the Vallon de Marcillac. At the beginning of the 20th century, phylloxera reduced to nothing the efforts of several generations of vine growers. Only a few rare vines will escape this scourge and especially those of the cascade of La Roque now belonging to the Domaine du Mioula.