These wines were prepared with the greatest care at the Domaine du Mioula by our oenologist, Patrice Lescarret. From the cultivation of the grapes to the making of the wine, everything is done to achieve excellence: Scraping, thinning, green harvesting and grape harvesting by hand, treading for the Mansois, thermoregulation…

The quality of its limestone soil, the rigor of its climate, its ideal exposure, the legacy of the oldest vineyards in the valley that give the “Mioula” wines that unique character, both rustic and refined ?

Yes maybe ! But it is also and surely thanks to a handful of men who have combined “passion and reason” “work and love” to achieve excellence.

The Domaine du Mioula invites you to the trip to the country of Marcillac with its 3 cuvées …!