Mass selection (Etymology selection – mass)
When we decided to recreate a winery at Mioula, we were led to acquire all the vines that “passed”. Among them, “La Roque”. Planted in crowds, in poor condition, but at to say sellers with “franc de pied”. Cautious, we appealed to the Conservatoire. The experts confirmed this “franc de pied”. This vine close to the cascade of “La Roque”, flooded all winter, was protected from phylloxera of 1893. Guided by the Conservatoire, we have “requinqué” His feet tired and decided a selection
Massive with Daydé Nurseries. A technique used by growers wishing to preserve the wine heritage (Patrimoine in french) and to transmit it. Such as old ones when they watched their best feet and made “cuttings” or “layering”. Those who have known such a Marcillac have tasted it before this epidemic and are no longer there to talk about it. Excited by the chance to transmit this wine heritage, taste and culture we did not hesitate.
What better than the cross of St Austremoine to illustrate the process? Witness of attachment of the sculptor in the country, of his convictions as of his questions and his commitment. It recalls the difficult times that have marked the life of the Marcillac valley and hillside of St Austremoine, on which the vines of Mioula are planted. This hill, these vines, this cross, this story inspire us. This is our story. Our heritage. Our « Patrimoine »